Piko 52734 Schienenbus+Stwg. DB Tp. III

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Novelty 2022: With the models of the legendary VT 98/VS 98 rail bus of the German Federal Railroad, PIKO offers another vehicle perfectly adapted for use on model railroad main and branch lines with many highlights. The illuminated side train destination indicators are a real eye-catcher. The powered rail car is driven by a powerful micromotor that is equipped with flywheel masses for perfect running characteristics and has a factory-installed buffer capacitor for optimum running characteristics without sound interruptions. The powered rail car and cab control car can be coupled together via current-conducting close-coupling kinematics. The lighting functions of both cars, including the lamps above the cabs, can be switched separately. Despite the design of the powered rail car and cab control car, a clear view through the passenger compartments is possible. The powered rail car can also be used prototypically as a traction unit for hauling individual freight cars. In the sound version, the rail bus comes with a suitable PluX22 sound decoder from the factory.




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