Model Set Fokker D VII

12,99 incl. BTW

The Fokker D VII was by far the best German fighter plane of the 1st World War, dominating the skies from January 1918. Engine: 6 cylinder BMW III engine with 185 hp, maximum speed: 200 km/h at 1000 m altitude.- Structured surfaces- Two MGs- Movable propellers- Decals for one version (with Lozenge form)Warnings ! Attention! Not suitable for children under 8 years. Solvent-based adhesive (contains n-butyl acetate, 12.5 g) and water-soluble paints are included. Glue bottle with functional, sharp tip! Store under lock and key. Liquid and steam flammable. May cause drowsiness and dizziness. Disposal according to local / regional / national / international regulations. Use under adult supervision. Read and follow instructions with your child before use and keep ready for reference






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